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Welcome everyone! [Jun. 5th, 2007|01:52 pm]
Wifi for Ninjas and Pirates


So, I figured five of us was enough to warrant a community. I'll start by posting my friend info:

Pokemon Pearl
Name: Dragyn
Code: 0902-9584-9245
Starting Pokemon: Piplup (male)

Animal Crossing: Wild World
Name: Dragyn
Town: Schnooki
Code: 2449-0748-6790
- No running, please spare my flowers
- Take fruit, catch insects and fish, buy from Nook or Able's stores, send letters
- Please write a note on the board
- Please do not talk to or woo Biskit, Alice, Kabuki, or Peanut.
Town info

If you want to invite other friends please do feel free. I've given maintainer status to all of the initially invited members :)